Review Process

Review Process

The journal will generally accept submissions of manuscripts as per its stated goals. The submissions will undergo the following process:

a.  All submitted manuscripts will be studied by the Editor. This is first activity in the review process and the Editor reserves the right to accept/ reject / recommend for re-submission without assigning to any reviewer. To save time for authors and peer-reviewers, only those papers that seem most likely to meet our editorial criteria should be sent for formal review. Preliminary Scrutiny done by the Editor will be based on the mapping of the theme of the paper with the specified goals of the journal and should be fit for further review.

b. The Editor will assign the accepted manuscript to identified three reviewers by giving pre-assigned time lines. The review will be a double blind review.

c. The reviewers may be part of the editorial board, advisory board and reviewers etc. The Editor can also invite external reviewers as well.

d.  After the reviews, the Editor may accept/reject the recommendations of the reviewers. The Editor also can recommend for another review to ensure that due diligence is followed before taking a final decision.

e. Editor-in-chief will be the final authority to declare the status of the manuscript.

f.The decisions may include the following categories:

      • Accept, with or without editorial revisions
      • Invite the authors to revise their manuscript to address specific concerns before a final decision is reached
      • Reject, but indicate to the authors that further work might justify a resubmission.
      • Reject outright, typically on grounds of specialist interest, lack of novelty, insufficient conceptual advance or major technical and/or interpretational problems.
      • At each stage of the process, the corresponding author will be notified.